4 comments on “Nancys blogpost

  1. Thanks James and I agree with you on your list – I can’t believe the amount of credits being wasted on people using the same ole same ole pages instead of getting creative and make their page stand out. You are right that they become a blur and those same people wonder why they don’t get results.

  2. So true, I was surfing last night and saw a multitude of 404 errors and site suspended pages. I was tempted to report them to the owner of the site, but ended up deciding not to. Its really sad that members are not monitoring their advertising better and knowing that sites are gone. Some have been gone for quite some time too.

    • Its crazy to see the state many sites are in. Good owners surf all over the place.

      the 404 pages kill me its like being punched in the face and having your credits stolen.

      Site suspended / Expired domains too. I see it as a huge waste all aroundthanks for the comment and your time Leone.


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