5 comments on “Traffic exchange traffic isn’t targeted

  1. WOW, U bet James. Never actually thought of marketing the things people use… I have been marketing other te’s will definitely change my strategy, Add products like amazon, already do ebates and pet products…and tools.
    Thank U for your refreshing insight.
    Patsy j Payne, konnektions konsultant

    • So many ways to spin a traffic exchange. the trend is to promote the low hanging fruit. But amazon …. that has so many thing we use daily. how about a surfers mouse??? a lot of ways to get people thinking all you have to do is plant a seed. Dont be afraid to go against the trends. nothing wrong with doing things your own way just make sure it geared to TE users surfers ect

    • HAHAH priceless You are the jerky Dude i was talking about.

      This is the perfect connection as I stated you as one of the examples. good branding and a product that can be used while surfing ….. this is a home run in my book

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