5 comments on “Dont knock the Hustle.

  1. Pet Peeve #1- Any Owner asking to trade upgrades with an established site, full of hard working members, which has been online more than 2 years- coming from a newly launched site with no history- and no members.
    Why is this a Pet Peeve?
    Reason 1: I would never have had the nerve to consider asking an established site for an upgrade. That’s just me.
    Reason 2: What kind of value trade are you offering in this trade? You can reach our established membership base and I can reach who?
    Reason 3: It’s not my job to help you grow your site.

    There is nothing wrong with getting upgrade swaps but you should target sites where the trade is much more equal. Work with other newly launched sites and help each other grow. Form a new team or alliance. It can be done. Then the next thing you know, you will be the established site getting constantly asked to trade upgrades.

    • I agree fully

      I want sites to grow and thrive but not at a lopsided cost to me. Give me a reason to be a part of the site Not to stay away. thank you for the comment


  2. Oh wow awesome post and yes people do not want to do the hard work that most of us have done over the years – they want easy – gimme NOW and most think that since they have a new site it will happen.

    AND Cathy you made a great point about trades – it’s actually pretty gutsy and where were you when I was putting in 12 – 15 hours a day building my site. Show me you are going to have that dedication and williingness to work that hard and then we can talk

    • YESSSSSSS Hands Down YESSS Show me your effort Show me you Relentless Show me your going to Crush it and Moost likly you wont have to ask for a trade cause im going to notice and be a part of its growth. Amazing comment thanks Nancy

  3. I would never ask another site owner for something for free because if it is worth having it is worth paying for, and they are worth being paid for it, as well as the commission for my upline. There has to be cash velocity in the business for it to grow, and trading creates stagnation in cashflow.

    The worst thing that can happen is a lot worse than just them saying “No,” the worst that can happen is that by jumping to the ask you completely destroy an opportunity for future relationships. I don’t know of any thing that is worth giving away the opportunity of connection in order to try and get.

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