4 comments on “Its automatic! Right?

  1. Agreed James this is wrong.

    Simply put, with LFMTE script,
    IT is Stealing, from my own members.
    Without my knowledge. or Any LFMTE owners knowledge.

    If Someone purchases something.
    I OWE them Everything from that Purchase, regardless of if
    they logged in or not.

    Was thinking of re-programming/re-writing LFMTE anyway because
    of being a server hog.

    A Dedicated server, running LFMTE, with 7,500 members, I can run 3
    Smileytraffic’s of 188,000 members on.

    If I don’t re-write script, I cannot afford another $2000 yearly for every
    10,000 members for another dedicated server.

    I was not aware of this with LFMTE script about having to log in
    monthly, but was Validated as Fact by LFMTE.

    You Are Awesome!
    And I’m Acting On It!


    P.S. You Forgot SmileyTraffic in your post above! lol!

  2. Yeah Sorry man I was on a quick thinking post

    I am a yearly upgrade at smiley and have no issues with my advertising getting added in automatically.

    but please believe im not finger pointing at just LFMTE some … a couple LJ’s have done this too.

    I hated when teblaster was on the old script Jackie and i had to remember every month to manually add in A fantastic members Monthly credits for a lifetime not sold by us.

    every script has it ups and downs. But i find it funny that its an option to make people login once a month or they get no traffic but the option to give people what they bought at this time isnt there.

    people buy from site they like and trust and not fulfilling a purchase is not gaining trust.

    it seems to me like an really really easy fix that i would be shocked if lfms responsive team didnt have a patch for it in the next week or two But other outdated scripts i can see not being able to update.

    • right on – I sure hope this tip helps owners that want to make that change.

      I would hope if anyone has questions that they can skype you …. and add a few credits to your account for any assistance you may provide….

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