4 comments on “GET RICH Quick!

  1. Lots of good points, James!

    Unfortunately, many good people get involved with programs that are all “talk” and no “substance” and when they have a bad experience, very few will go on to try again. 😦

    Sometimes the best businesses are the ones who speak softly.

    If you can get past the “noise” and find those programs with owners who really care and are willing to do what they do consistently and successfully, you really CAN be successful online!

    Thanks for being a great owner and a consistent, persistent business person!

    Great Post!

    • great point Patti

      how many get rich quick sites have destroyed the drive for thousands on good or potentially good marketers.

      its hard to get excited about 10 dollars commissions when there is an ad for $1577 in 4 hours. Its OK to start somewhere.

      thanks for the comment Patti

  2. Well, Once I got over laughing at your “James in the Money” picture, I discovered you had written a very solid post.
    Great advice- Build – Build – Build- in reality everyone has “Champagne Hopes and Caviar Dreams”, I know I do, but to get there it is going to take a lot of building. A solid foundation will keep your business growing.

    • I built that pic a long time ago knowing i was going to do this post. building and connecting all i have going is a huge way to get this going.

      here it is 2 + years later and im still building and connecting. This to me is a never ending process.

      and its been what keeps helping me grow –

      thanks for the comment Cathy

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