36 comments on “Do’s and Don’ts of traffic exchanges

  1. Do remember that everybody started at the beginning – even you! Be patient and understanding with people who don’t know as much as you do – it’s a perfect opportunity to help them!

    • Yes Brian , I try to do that always. I / we are here for our members, as well as non – members. I remember only too well, when I first started and the help I got from so many wonderful people.

  2. DO operate your business with principles you believe in. This may not be the easiest road but it will be the most satisfying.

    DO NOT let others control the circle or your business. Spend your money where you get results.

  3. Don’t Discount a Newer site, Each site has it’s own Group of friends, that they have been friends with for years. Easiest way to get New signups to Your Exchange!

    Don’t Expect Members to Build Your Traffic Exchange. YOU MUST Click/Recruit/Buy/Promote more than Any Member because at the end of the day, it is YOUR Exchange!

    Don’t do what others tell you to do or Need to do, too many sites are Exactly the same, but different graphics and going nowhere.

    DO Put YOUR Heart and Soul into Your exchange, if you Don’t, Members know.

    • You know i have to comment on this one:

      Don’t Expect Members to Build Your Traffic Exchange. YOU MUST Click/Recruit/Buy/Promote more than Any Member because at the end of the day, it is YOUR Exchange!

      YES yes YES YES yes

      thanks for the comments Vern

  4. DO remember that the purpose of TEs is to advertise your business, not for chasing pennies or prizes

    DO look at the sites and join something that interests you. That’s what you want other members to do for you so extend the same courtesy.

    DON’T waste your time at TEs with owners that berate their members. The owners are responsible for the growth and activity of their site, NOT the members.

    DON’T waste your time/money at TEs that let cheaters run amuk and eat up their members credits just to boost their numbers.

    DO spend your time/money at TEs with owners that care about the QUALITY of traffic you are getting and not just the quantity.

  5. Well said, Jackie O.

    You covered all the bases. My biggest beef is those TE’s who don’t get rid of their cheaters, to boost their numbers. I will not assign my hard earned credits, (from surfing or purchase) to my sites there.

    Should quit the TE but keep hoping they’ll come to their senses LOL. Well time will tell 🙂

    • Would love to see a post about this. New TE owners, like myself, know that there are plenty of cheaters, but I’m not sure of all the ways that cheaters do their dirty deeds.

      I did find a post that listed hundreds of e-mail addresses, which I added to my banned list, but would love to be pointed in the right direction to learn more about this.

  6. New TAE owner here, but I’ll apply the do’s I’ve brought from my TAE and am applying at my TE… while soaking in all the great do’s and don’ts that everyone else has shared:

    Do deliver what you promise, even if you figure out later that it was a mistake. Or at least try to make it right with the member… somehow.
    (big pet peeve- I’m running across a lot of TAE and safelist owners who suck members in with great deals, then change the deal. Glad to say I haven’t run across that with TEs so far!)

    Do reply to support tickets daily.

    Do explore TEs and other ad sites for extra ways to advertise that others may be overlooking.
    IT 24/7 has a few such goodies!

    Do seek out the advice of those who have been there and done that. I thought I could jump in and launch a TE the same way I launched a TAE… boy, was I wrong!

    Do advertise… everywhere, every day. I guess James already said that.

    Thanks James and everyone who posted, for being willing to share your knowledge.

    • Thank you for the amazingly kind words Man

      you talk about being new but the do’s you listed are making me think you are a veteran in tae’s

      dont act like you care Just care !

      thanks for the comment Chris

  7. Wow a lot of great input, thanks for all of it. I am fairly new to this, so it all helps a lot.

    Not really sure that I have anything to add at this point, but a possitive attitude, believing in yourself and the products you promote are very important things. So stay possitive all and when I have a good do or don’t I will come back to post it for you all.

  8. My 2 cents worth, as a small but growing TE owner

    DONT be afraid to ask for advice
    DO listen to the advice you get (especially if you asked for it)
    DO be realistic about your business and its prospects
    DO dare to be different, see what other people are doing, adapt by all means, but
    DONT blindly copy and hope for the best

    DO be careful about who you step on as you move on up, they may just be the ones stomping on you on your way down (not my own, but I love it)

  9. DE so right you are. Never be afraid to ask for advice or help for that matter whats the worst they will say NO Dont me afraid to be told no many times

    Great comments thank you

  10. Ohhhhh, and at the risk of upsetting a few (read a lot) of TE owners
    One extra DONT

    DONT copy the same email between exchanges. There is nothing more off putting to me as a member than to see the same email re-hashed 4 or 5 times over when promoting a promo or deal or new business. I see the same email, and I instantly hit the ‘Mark as Read’ button and skip straight past it – it shouts laziness to me, if you can not be bothered to take 5 minutes to reword it, why do expect me to re-read the same email over and again?
    YES – I made this mistake in the beginning, but now I try not to do it when sending out emails.

    Rant over 🙂

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